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Однозначно стоит своих денег! Функционал и реализация просто на высоте! Если еще не уверены в покупке, посмотрите видео, как это рекомендует разработчик в описании. У меня все сомнения сразу развеялись! Вещь!


обожаю этот словарь!! использую вместе с электронным casio ex-word, т.к. здесь есть удобнейшие функции, которых я не нашел ни в каком другом словаре

Хороший словарь

I really like this app!. Please add japanese handwriting recognition tool for searching words. Словарь отличный, единственное, чего не хватает, это распознавания японских иероглифов (встроенное в iPhone распознавание китайских кандзи большей частью справляется с этой проблемой). Ну и словарь имен включить тоже было бы классно.


Очень крутой словарь для тех кто давно занимается, но очень хочется иметь возможность услышать найденные слова Please add voice pronunciation!!!

Хороша Маша, да не наша

Хорошая программа, но присутствие русского языка сделало бы ее еще лучше :)


Лучший словарь из всех, что я когда-либо видел. Имеет все фичи, о которых только можно мечтать и ещё несколько сверх того. В версии 2.0 появилось ещё болше вкусностей (чего только стóит поиск кандзи по составляющим… а карточки для запоминания и проверки знаний?). Одним словом - мечта. И с каждым обновлением словарь становится всё лучше и лучше!


Воистину, словарь - мечта. :)

Вылетает при запуске!!!

Купил сегодня, но так и не смог запустить, вылетает постоянно!

Классно помогает в учебе.

Интерфейс 5 Функциональность 5

Amazing app - best Japanese dictionary out there

Can’t say enough good things about this app. Amazing. Great job, super useful. Developers - watch out for overloading the program when drawing a vertical line as the first stroke of a character. Please keep up the updates!

Great lovely

Im anime lover so I going to learn Japanese I downloaded this app It’s great Useful Complete Need some work to be better in grammar No advertising this is most important factor It’s simple design and great White background with deep black font Great app

Amazingly useful for every level

I’ve been using this app for a number of years. The sample sentences are really helpful to understand the nuances of Japanese words, especially as you vocabulary become more advanced. I like the ability to look up words by romaji, by hen and by writing though you have to get the stroke order right. I also like to compile words on lists. Great app.

Very useful for learning Japanese at any skill level

I really don’t know what to say, this app has about everything you will need to learn Japanese kanji, phrases, etc. It’s like Anki but free

unbelievable app

so many facets. from simple dictionary lookups to stroke order to lists with flashcard review. audio and example sentences. unbeatable. hands down my favorite japanese app of all.

The app that does it all

This is my favorite app for learning Japanese. Don’t just use google translate. This app will actually teach you, so that you can learn the language and the deeper meanings of the words and characters. I’m impressed because I have not seen a single ad or been told that I have to unlock any features by paying money. This app is both free AND good!

Really helpful

Downloaded because of Ako sensei recommendation. Really like it. A few things would be good if they update. Like H always gets suggested ecchi

Better than Google

This app is one of the best for learning Japanese! While I am studying Japanese I use 2 tools for translating; Google and this app. Both are free but this app is usually far better than Google. It has so many different uses also. Searching from English to Japanese and from Japanese to English. Also you can draw any Kanji you see. Even though Google is catching up with the drawing aspect it still lacks multiple translations and Google doesn't show sample sentences. It also has quizes using the words you have recently looked up or saved to a list. I really can't say enough about how much this app has helped me as I learn Japanese.

Love it

It’s so awesome having all this information offline. It’s super easy to use too. Though I tend to study at night, I wish there was a night mode. Other than that I’m completely satisfied with this app.

Best App for Learning Japanese

This is the best app, hands down, for learning Japanese. There are no ads. Flash card learning built in. Searching capabilities, great definitions, examples, and more. The interface/UI is beautiful and simple. Nothing needs to change here. If you want to learn Japanese, you need this app.

Great dictionary

Vocab, conjugation, stroke order, accurate definitions. Everything I need from a Japanese dictionary is here.

Removed SKIP lookup

The latest version(s) removed SKIP kanji lookup. It is now more difficult to look up kanji. Previous (5-star) review: Great dictionary - I have long thought this to be the best available for iOS.


I absolutely LOVE this app!!! The fact that every word has conjugation option is amazing!!! And lots of times from one harder kanji i learn more broken down kanji that are given under! Amazing app i would recommend anyone to use this!!

Best dictionary ever

I have no words to describe how much this dictionary has helped me!

Great lengths and effort put into this app.

Since I received this app. I was blown away with all the levels of detail put into it. Countless hours were spent putting together this app. The fact that it is free and it has more information and depth than apps I regret already downloading and paying for. I mean just pieces of what this has are what other apps charge and say they’re complete. I was impressed with the stroke order for each Kanji as it was well done and gimmicky. Kudos to the author/creator and thank you from many of us learning this language, it’s a more powerful tool than we originally realize.

Best Japanese dictionary app ever. Still can't believe it is free.

I have been using this app for approximately two years now. The first time I came across this app, I thought it was some kind of a thing for amateur learners; since it was free of charge without any in-app purchase that might unlock the full features. But I was totally wrong, it is one of the best Japanese dictionary applications you can find in App Store. With all the things that it can do, it's very easy to make a lot of money selling instead. I still can't believe it up until these days and always wonder why there's something like this available for free. These are what this app is capable of: 1. It can recognize conjugated forms of all kinds of verb, adjectives, and nouns. 2. It let you write Kanji and the system will translate it into a computerized input for you along with relevant entries. 3. You can pick a radical and all relevant Kanji characters will show up. Now you just add more until you find the word you want. 4. It has example sentences with English translation and furigana to let you familiarize with how the word is used in different contexts. 5. All words are categorized into different parts of speech and levels of their difficulty. You can find then in an archive section. 6. It tells you how to write each Kanji and has an animation that demonstrates it step by step. 7. It has relevant words with the same radical as their constituent included in every entry. So you can learn more what is behind a word's literal construction. 8. You can type a number and it will give you a literal spelling in Japanese. 9. You can make a personal list of words that you want to study further. 10. It has a learner's system in which you can learn your selected words with flashcards and so on. 11. Etc.

Can use Romaji to search Japanese words.

This app is amazing. You can search for words by using your voice, typing romaji when hearing a new word for the first time, and while you hang out with fellow Japanese friends. Thank you for making this, Creator.

Good dictionary, some small annoyances

I have been using this dictionary as my main source of reference on mobile for almost a year now. I used to love this dictionary, and although I still do, there are a few small issues which have become more annoying over time. That being said, the developer is actively updating the app, which is refreshing to see. The good: -The dictionary is extensive. You will be hard pressed to find a word that does not have an entry. -Plenty of example sentences. This is a must. I believe most of the standard tatoeba-sourced example sentences are present. -Kanji input features. The draw feature and radical input have become invaluable to me while tackling harder text without furigana. -UI and offline usability. The app looks good. Runs smoothly even without an internet connection. -Other features?? I haven’t really used them personally but the JLPT lists, word classifications, ability to tag words/create flashcards and text paste features seem usable enough. The bad: -A few example sentences are incorrect. Although this may be the fault of the source (tatoeba), some example sentences have weird translations. A few seem to have translations so completely wrong they seem to have lost their original sentence (possibly fault of dictionary). -Inconsistant JLPT level flagging. For N3 and up the JLPT level descriptors for words seem fair enough, but N2 and N1 sometimes are missing words, or uncommon words are flagged as N1. I understand there are no official JLPT lists but when compared to a dictionary such as jisho this dictionary’s grading is quite poor. This can be confusing when trying to gauge if a word is actually used commonly or not. -Readings for some words are incorrect. An example is 悪口 which is listed as あっこう, alternative reading わるくち. In reality あっこう is archaic and わるくち is used almost exclusively. I would reccomend this dictionary, keeping in mind so as to avoid the minor pitfalls. I look forward to seeing further updates improve the service!

Best Japanese Dictionary Out There

Awesome app! Huge bank of words, and awesome study options. Also, the handwriting recognization usually works pretty well even with sloppy/out-of-order kanji! I get so much usage out of this app!

Such a great dictionary.

This is an amazing dictionary, I wished this was the standard format for dictionary apps.

Much more than a dictionary

I thought this was a dictionary. Wow! It is a complete study system. It is so comprehensive that I am pleasantly surprised almost every time I open it. There is no need for lots of books since I have this little tool. I have started using it daily to brush up on my Japanese which is rusty from 30 years of not using it. A week ago I bumped into a gaijin more recently returned than I and was very pleasantly surprised by my ability to converse in Japanese. I've even started greeting アメリカにいる日本人 that I pass on the street in their language. Update after using it "daily" for a month: WOW, proverbs (kotowaza), idioms, and expressions are categories in the reference section.


This app is a blessing. It is not only such a great dictionary, it also provides spaces repetition practice for all essential vocabulary. God bless you for creating such a helpful, free, app.

Fantastic Dictionary

Simply incredible

Fantastic app!!

I use this app very routinely when I need to look up a word! I get so much help and learn so much from this app! It's a life-saver. Although, I do wish it had some kind of indication if a word is a commonly used word or not. It would be nice to see that implemented in a future update, if possible. Either way I absolutely love the app!

Incredible Learning Kanji

This app couldn’t be better for learning kanji. With multiple settings for how to filter characters, from grade by grade to frequency to terms that appear in JLPT exams, this app has been an invaluable asset to my studying. I’m grateful that it’s free, because it offers so much that aids in understanding new words. The illustration of kanji through examples, breakdown of their components, and history make this app my most used on my phone. Please keep this app around!

Very complete and well done

It has most things you might want from a Japanese dictionary app, including: the best handwriting search I’ve seen so far, extensive kanji lists, character radical search. UI is also very nice.


Very helpful..

Great for all levels of learning.

I’ve been fascinated in learning Japanese, and I’ve been buying numerous items to help me out. This app right here helps out the most. Helps you with all 3 character forms, more on the kanji side. Has the option for making your own lists which you can add kanji or words you see when you pass by something you don’t know and you can drill yourself with the study option. Great app!

Search by radical function is broken

The ability to search by radical has been broken since the update to 4.0 nine months ago. There have been improvements since that time but this function is still broken. The most glaring fault occurs when attempting to search by radical: the list of characters we’re given from which to choose does not include radical variants. For example, when searching for a character with the radical 礻, one would expect to find this radical in the four-stroke character grouping, but rather, it’s included in the five-stroke grouping (示). The same process is required for 衤/衣, 氵/水 and many, many, many more. It requires a level of knowledge of kanji most students of Japanese simply do not have.

Lived in Japan for 6 years now and I use this app daily

Periodically I download other dictionary apps just to test them out but I ALWAYS come back to this app. It is balanced in definitions and the example sentence provide a bit of context for new words. If I had a complaint is that in some updates the app will crash from time to time. Other than that, this app is great!

Unhappy Customer!😤

When you use the voice typing the word are right at first but change into a totally different word! ...? Also it crashes!

The best mobile dictionary ever

I love this app. I'm currently learning Japanese and find myself using this daily. They could easily charge a lot of money for this and it would be will worth it.

Great Dictionary and Easy to Access

This dictionary is everything I’ve been looking for. Originally I just wanted something with kanji drawing recognition but it gives me much more than I thought I needed. The organization of characters and particles and words allows me to search up kanji by word group or JLP proficiency test level, and other means. I can study a certain group and this also makes a good reference for the basic kana. This teaches me new words and how to use them in example sentences. Considering this is completely free, this is an absolutely great app to have and I wouldn’t mind having to pay for it. The only thing I’d like to ask is for maybe a photographic kanji scanner, for certain kanji I draw but don’t come up.

Great dictionary

I have a request for the next update though, please disable autocorrect for the search box, it keeps "correcting" Japanese words in romaji into random English and screws up the search results.

Awesome job!!

Best japanese app ever, everything I could suggest they have it already. I wish they can make another app for grammar and JLPT tests simulators xD

Love it!

This has been super useful for me and my studies. Especially useful for writing kanji on the fly to look them up while playing video games. The list function is also super great.

Great app that I use all the time

As someone who is just past the beginner mark of Japanese learning, this app is spectacular for expanding my vocabulary! Great for searching for unknown kanji, too. It has so many tools and resources; I don’t know what I’d do without this app! It’s an invaluable dictionary, and the built in list function with selective spaced repetition is an awesome study tool. I only have one suggestion that would make this app perfect for all of my needs! Is it possible to add an option in the study app so that it shows ONLY the kana of a word on the front side? As opposed to just kanji with or without furigana? I find it helps me learn vocabulary quicker and more thoroughly if I memorize the word first, THEN link it to the kanji it’s spelled with. Thanks for making this wonderful app, I hope my feedback is helpful in some way :)

Can’t believe this is free?

This app is incredible!! Must have without a doubt.

This app is just awesome

It is indeed what it claims to be “More than just a dictionary”. You can just see its features in the description and preview so I won’t rewrite them, but they work really well. The core feature Dictionary is excellent, it gives you insight of the word, many alternatives and their pronunciation, even the origin of the word (well, you can probably figure it out anyway). It helps me a lot in my Japanese course.

Very Useful

This app is helpful for learning Japanese or just figuring out a few words, lots of included tools like flash cards and handwriting. My only complaint is that I can’t seem to find the pronunciation in Roman letters under the words. It provides great definitions, but knowing how to pronounce the words would be a great help!

Love it

Amazing product, very comprehensive, has flash cards, easy to use. Love it.

Goes far beyond what it advertises

This app is tremendously designed with a simple UI and features that work well together. As it’s a dictionary at its core, the app provides the ability to look up words with, romaji, kanji, written form, or by building with radicals. It provides absolutely every bit of information one could ask for including conjugations, related words, readings, and example sentences. The thing that I find most impressive about the app is the study feature. It’s an SRS flashcard built directly into that app that easily allows one to either build their own deck, import a deck from another system, or use prebuilt decks based around JLPT standard. I find that the user interface encourages me to return where as the plain and often cumbersome flashcard competitor apps allow me to shy away. I have only two brief things I would like to see implemented: The back of the flashcard has a set amount of information. While it is possible to click on a word to be taken to the word’s page, I would like to be able to somehow select which information shows up on the back of the flashcard. For example, if I’m focusing on studying formal verb conjugations, I’m not particularly interested in seeing example sentences. I’ve found a workaround to be adding the information to the “Notes” section but this can be a pain if you have a large deck. The second thing I would like to see if the ability to rename decks. Simple enough.



More than a Dictionary

This app is FAR more than a dictionary. It really has everything you are looking for to ease your transition into learning Japanese. For me the biggest resource is the reference page where you can see types of verbs, kanji sorted by classification, and what Kanji the Japanese learn from 1st grade throughout school. For sure the coolest resource is where you can insert any text that you have copied and past it into the text page and it will appear and you can press on and see the kanji from there. Awesome app for any level Japanese student.

ä must have

110% ä must have for anyone who is studying Japanese ;; great offline dictionary and study card mechanisms to offer. also great JLPT lists that offer lots of insight. use this app everyday

I love it

It’s an amazing app, the only thing I wish they would add is a more clear way to identify the radical of different kanji

Only one problem

There is only one problem with this dictionary, Is it possible to see the words in English lettering when you select it. I have been learning Japanese for a couple of years but I can’t read many kanji. Other than that the app is very good

amazing but not too efficient

i spend hours each day in this excellent app. dictionary, reference and lists functions are outstanding. “study” could use some improvement. - more efficient card interface. swiping to the right is not a big deal for a few cards, but when I review hundreds of them in the same sitting, my wrist and thumb joints start to hurt. i wish there was a button that i could just touch instead of swiping. also, i wish there was a way to disable card animation(when it turns to show the answer). again, for a few cards it is not a big deal, but i end up wasting a lot of time (cumulatively) waiting for the cards to turn. - ability to add individual entries to “study” list. currently it can be done via adding a word to a custom list and then studying the list. it would be great if i could just add it when i am browsing the dictionary. - ability to break huge reference lists into smaller lists. it takes about an hour to review around 800 entries. it is impossible to review all of n3(2700+ entries)in one sitting and when I come back I get to start from the beginning. other than that it is an exceptional app. once efficiency is improved i would have no problems giving it 5 stars and paying for it.

Sooo useful!!

This app honestly has thought through almost everything. It’s easily the best app I have for studying Japanese. You can type Japanese (kanji, hiragana, katakana, Romanji) or English words into the same search bar and it’ll pull up results. The list feature is incredibly useful for bookmarking and studying vocab. There are even more features I’ve yet to try out on the app, but I’m already impressed since it’s covered what I need and more. The recommended words that float across are really useful for picking up new words. One thing I might suggest is to make it easier to tap some of those recommended words. Sometimes words will cover up each other and I get a little annoyed trying to get to the one in the back. Other than that, I really like this app and would recommend it to anyone.


Best app for learning Japanese on iOS

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