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Ive tried pretty much every the dictionaries available, and i can tell this one is the best so far...it has everything! there is only problem though, sometimes added words in the vocabulary list just vanish...its most likely to do it if 2 words begin by the same letter. hope theyll fix that soon.

The best Ive ever tried, and that includes online dictionaries ! Heres a thought though...

Ok, so this is the most complete dictionary, its features are amazing. In a nutshell, it has it all. One feature that would truly make it a must-have would be an option to see the words used in a sentence. Keep up the excellent work!

Bien mais... Toujours pas dupdate

Soft excellent mais les updates promises (2.00) commencent a se faire grandement attendre... Apres de nombreux mois aucune mise a jour a vu doeil et aucun moyen de contacter le createur car lemail semble ne plus exister (?)... Excellent soft but still waiting for the update to come... 2.00 seemed promising but after a few months nothing seems to be coming ! Moreover, it seems to be impossible to contact the programer since his email doesnt seem to be working anymore.

The wait was well worth it !

One of the best app for non native japanese speakers got even better with version 2.0. Flashcards, furigana, sample sentence : all the new features are useful and executed with the same brio than features available in version 1.


Honestly, the best ever! Improving all the time! Youre reaching excellence!

a must have!

I use it everday - its the most usefull nihongo study item I own and I have tons of books and software. its fast, contains all the info and data you might need wether you are a beginner or an expert, contains an exellent flash card quizzer and flag and lists that are amazing dont waste time or money on other apps - this is the graal, and its getting better all the time!

IPad version wanted

Please release the iPad version. IPadのウップデートお願いします‼

iPad version

Very good appli but still waiting for the iPad update.


Excellent work on the update, I love it!


Great update ! Thanks a lot !

Changes are confusing.

Im not a fan of the new version. What happened to all those great lists that came with the app before? Onomatopeia expressions? The list of counter phrases? Proverbs? I dont see them anywhere. Furthermore, there dont seem to be any settings for studying other than assigning colors to categories. Why cant I opt to remove the English-Japanese cards from study like before? Lastly, my custom lists seem to be bugged: the "begin" icon is grey and it wont allow me to start studying.

Best Japanese learning app

The app is powerful, ergonomic. A great tool to learn Japanese

Really nice app

I have it everyday now. I would like even more examples now into the database but otherwise really practical and useful. Works ok on my 3Gs.

App crashes

Cant get the app to start, crashes on startup.. I really hope you can fix this as I use this dictionary on a daily basis.


Frankly for the price I paid for this app I would expect more work put into it. Recently update after update the changes are so small you wonder what the developers do. 6 months to implement iOS7 look and feel is a mockery.

Not compatible with iOS 8!

Definitely the best japanese app in the store.

Top Quality just like a Japanese Product!

I have used a number of applications for Japanese lessons and I guarantee you this is just the BEST!

Best dictionary

A need to have


Definately, the most complete offline Japanese dictionary Ive ever seen. For students like me, a must-have!

Muito booom!!!

This is fore sure, the best japanese-english dictionary ever! Its so complete and functional, I totaly recomend it.

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